Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology and Neuroscience, 2021 (expected)
              Princeton University (advisor: Sabine Kastner)

M.A. in Cognitive Psychology and Neuroscience, 2018
              Princeton University (advisor: Sabine Kastner)

B.A. in Cognitive Science, 2013
              Yale University (advisors: Marcia Johnson, Karen Mitchell)

Professional Experience

2013 - 2015 Research Assistant
              Human Neuroscience Lab (PI: Gregory McCarthy), Yale University

Awards & Fellowships

2018 Flux Ambassador Award, Flux Congress (Berlin, Germany)

2016 Brains, Minds, and Machines Workshop Fellowship, Marine Biology Laboratory

2012 Yale College Dean’s Research Fellowship in the Sciences

2012 Sherwood E. Silliman Travel Fellowship

2010 Perspectives on Science and Engineering Summer Research Fellowship
          (for selected students with strong background in science)

2009-2013 Korea Presidential Honors
            (full support for undergraduate studies abroad, top ten students majoring in science and engineering; total amount $200,000)


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Head Lab Instructor
Fall 2019 Introduction to Psychology (instructor: Joel Cooper), Princeton

Spring 2019 Quantitative Methods (instructor: Justin Jungé), Princeton
Spring 2018 The Life Cycle of Behaviors (instructor: Asif Ghazanfar), Princeton
Fall 2017 Sensation and Perception (instructor: Jonathan Pillow), Princeton

Lab Instructor
Fall 2016 Introduction to Psychology (instructor: Joel Cooper), Princeton

Guest Lectures
Fall 2019 “Conditioning and Learning, Behaviorism” for Introduction to Psychology, Princeton
Spring 2018 “Child Development” for The Life Cycle of Behaviors, Princeton

Service and Leadership

Community Outreach